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Galileo HAS increases the accuracy of GALILEO to sub-metter levels, becoming the first Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) constellation worldwide able to provide, free of charge, a high-accuracy service globally and directly through the Signal in Space.
This will allow users to reduce the error associated with the orbit and clocks provided through the Galileo Open Service broadcast navigation messages. The high accuracy Precise Point Positioning (PPP) will be broadcasted both via GALILEO signal E6-B and the internet.


NAVYA together with other stakeholders in the aerospace sector is promoting a new association for private companies within aerospace sector. The starting point will be an event that will be held in June 2023, for showing the status of the aerospace sector in the world and more focused in Spain, from the point of view of the public and private participation model. More news will be offered in the coming months. Contact Navya if it is of your interest.


NAVYA asiste al I Congreso Internacional Aeronáutico y Aeroespacial en La Gomera bajo el título ‘Canarias, el Sandbox que mira al cielo’

At the end of 2022 we were able to attend the “I International Aeronautical and Aerospace Congress” that was held in La Gomera. On November 24th and 25th, at the Cabildo de La Gomera, this event brought together representatives of the main business initiatives linked to the aeronautical sector. In addition, we assisted to many discussion panels and share our impressions with a multitude of stakeholders. It is the first event of its kind carried out in the Canary Islands and will serve as a preamble to new projects that will be based in La Gomera. To end the event, we witnessed a rescue drill in the bay with unmanned drones. A great experience.



During 2022 Navya has developed numerous projects related to the Obstacle Surveillance Service in the AENA airport network in Spain.

These works, essential for the proper functioning of every aeronautical infrastructurr, serve to control the presence of obstacles that may have a negative impact on the safety and regularity of aircraft operations in the vicinity of airports, as well as to generate a database useful both for the airport manager and for other stakeholders.

In this way, our Aeronautical Topography and Mapping department has collaborated with numerous facilities offering our solutions and experience in the aeronautical sector.

We have worked in many airports:
• Málaga – Costa del Sol • Josep Tarradellas Barcelona – El Prat y Adolfo Suárez Madrid - Barajas • Girona – Costa Brava • Seve Ballesteros - Santander • Aeropuerto de Tenerife Sur • Asturias • Almería • Vigo • Granada – Jaén • A Coruña • Vitoria • Reus • Burgos • Córdoba • Logroño-Agoncillo • Madrid Cuatro Vientos • Pamplona • San Sebastián • Son Bonet • Helipuerto de Algeciras • Helipuerto de Ceuta

These jobs are added to those already carried out of this type in previous years and to the rest of the work related to airports that we are currently developing at Navya, increasing the area of knowledge and strengthening one of Navya’s main areas.

Diego en el Aeropuesto de Málaga - Costa del Sol
Diego, one of our colleagues, at Malaga – Costa del Sol Airport.