The increasing importance of safety standards in the Air Navigation and best practices in Airlines Operations should carry any air carrier to implement and maintain Quality Systems and Safety, together with an efficient management of its engineering operations. Navya provides auditing services for aircraft operators requiring to be certified under any regulation or needing to accomplish internal/external audits, as well as consulting services for the analysis and optimization of business specific processes. Among the areas where Navya provides a proven and comprehensive technical assistance for the adaptation to regulatory requirements of quality, safety and engineering operations are:


The new Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 of the European Commission establishes in its Annexes technical requirements and administrative procedures for air transport operators, airplanes and helicopters, in relation to their air operations: Parts ARO, ORO, CAT y SPA. Navya can assist airlines to adapt their processes to the new standards thanks to the knowledge and expertise of its highly specialized team of professionals.


IOSA is an Operational Safety Audit process established by IATA and based on more than 700 safety standards and practices in order to ensure the increase of existing safety levels. This process provides a standardized audit program for the operational management and control systems of airlines based on internationally recognized standards and supported by a process of rigorous quality assurance. IOSA standards are based on eight areas that contribute to the safety of airlines:

  • Management Systems and Corporate Organization
  • Flight Operations
  • Operational Control and Flight Dispatch
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering
  • Cabin Operations
  • Ground Handling
  • Cargo Operations
  • Security


According to European regulations, operators must implement and maintain a SMS as the Manual of Safety Management ICAO (Doc 9859), which must be in accordance with the new Part ORO GEN 200 EASA, in force since 2012 , and mandatory from 2014. Navya provides tailored advanced consulting for the development and implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) customized to the size, needs and complexity of the operation and according to the hazards and risks associated.


Navya provides to Airline operators the possibility to optimize their operations through a full range of consulting services and support, enabling them to meet the requirements of the aeronautical authorities, thus obtaining significant operational savings while increasing their safety. Among others, Navya services provided include:
    o Operation Engineering
    • Airports Analysis
    • Runway and operational environment…
    • Routing Analysis
    • Engine failure procedures and escape routes
    • EO-SID, Drift down procedures, etc….
    • Analysis of flight procedures
    • Optimization and design procedures…
    o Flight operations
    • Development of Operations Manual Part A, B and C.
    • Operations Engineering.
    • Obtaining operational approvals.
    o Training
    • Elaboration MO part D.
    o Ground operations
    • Development of Land Operations Manual
    • Preparation of MO Chapter 8.2 of Part A and MO Capter 9.1 Part A


There is a growing trend in aviation organizations to move towards a single management group to establish a coordinated Integrated Management System. Navya has the experience and expertise to provide consulting services to any organization interested in establishing an integrated management system so as to improve the efficiency and security of the company.


Navya chas an extensive and proven experience in the development, implementation and maintenance of process-oriented quality management, in accordance with the regulatory requirements of aviation (ICAO, EU-OPS, EASA, etc.), working closely with customers on issues such as:
  • Development of Quality Manuals and procedures along with associated formats.
  • Development of Audit checklists according to AMC 1035 OPS1.
  • Provision of internal audit.
  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-14001
  • Emission of Greenhouse Gases.

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